Destination Weddings: Disney Wedding Planning

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Disney Wedding Pavilion
Destination Weddings: Disney Wedding Planning

In March we brought you the very first post on the planning of a Disney wedding, part of our Destination Weddings series. We met Becky, an excited Disney bride-to-be who was planning her Disney wedding in the fabulous pavilion, and found out all about how she was finding the planning of a long distance big day. We’ve recently caught up with Becky again now that her wedding is just a few weeks away, to find out how she is feeling and if her plans are still falling into place.

So, your wedding is THIS MONTH! How are you feeling?

“I can’t believe how quickly it has come round!!! I am so beyond excited its crazy! These next 3 weeks are filled with making sure everything is done…as well as facials and nail appointments”!

“Are you still confident Disney is on top of all the arrangements”?

Oh yes definitely, I have constant emails from our Planner. I have every faith in them, they do this a lot!

Disney Wedding Carriage
Destination Weddings are a fabulously exciting possibility for all involved; the good weather, the chance to travel and the excitement that goes along with a journey to any typical holiday destination can make for a great atmosphere and feeling between guests. However, financial constraints, work commitments and those that find travelling difficult such as the elderly can mean certain guests missing out on such a special occasion. When you are planning your Destination Wedding, try to consider how you can still involve those unable to attend the big day itself.

On her special day, Becky has an exciting way for everyone at home to enjoy the occasion;

“Our videographer is setting up a live link so that everyone at home can watch us getting married as it happens! We are getting married at 2.30pm US time so it will be 7.30pm in the UK. I’m glad because this way my grandparents can watch me getting married as they can’t make it to Florida”.

We have also booked a Golf Club for a week after we come back from our honeymoon for around 250 guests. We are having it as if it was the second part of our wedding day and creating two parts; close friends and family in the day, a proper seating plan and we will be showing a 5 minute ‘sneak peek’ from our Videographer. Then in the evening we have additional guests arriving and we will do our first dance again and cut the cake”.

How are you planning on getting your wedding dress all the way to Florida?

“I bought a wedding dress box online that I’m allowed to take on the plane as hand luggage. I’m taking my dress to the boutique I bought it the day before we fly so they can pack it for me”. 

Wedding dress

Becky’s fabulous bespoke wedding dress box

Have you had any more pre-wedding treats and gifts from Disney recently?

“A month ago we received three boxes from Disney. The first contained some Bride & Groom handkerchiefs. The next contained a pendant to wrap around my bouquet for good luck that says “Faith Trust and Pixie Dust” and some collar stiffeners that say “Prince Charming”. In the last box was a Cinderella shoe bag and a pendant that says ‘Once in a While, in the Middle of an Ordinary Life, Love Gives us a Fairytale’”.

Disney Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom Handkerchiefs

Disney Gifts

Disney collar stiffeners and bouquet pendant

Cinderella Pendant

Cinderella Pendant

Have you allowed some time to enjoy the parks during your time in Florida?

“Yes, we are going to The Magic Kingdom two days before the wedding and then I’m having a mini hen do around Epcot that evening; a drink in every country! Two days after the wedding we are spending the day in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure to see Harry Potter World! Our hotel is walking distance from Disney’s Hollywood Studios so we will be going there at some point too”.

Finally, how is the weather looking there at the moment?!

“HOT! Around 30-32 degrees every day- can’t wait to get some sun”!!

We are so pleased that Becky’s Disney wedding plans are still going smoothly; it certainly seems that Disney have all the planning under control and are on top of the arrangements, which is great peace of mind for any Bride and Groom planning a wedding so far away. We wish them the very best for their forthcoming big day, and cannot wait to catch up with the couple afterwards and find out all about it – watch this space!

Your Dreams Come True

Your Dreams Come True