Destination Wedding in Ibiza

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Destination Wedding in Ibiza

Last year we began our Destination Weddings blog series, bringing you information, advice and ideas for the planning of a long distance wedding ceremony and celebration. Destination Wedding in Ibiza The series began when we were asked to accompany a visit to start the planning for a Destination Wedding in Ibiza and view a range of potential venues for a wedding this year. This visit gave us the opportunity to consider the positives and possible pitfalls of planning a wedding abroad, and we started our series looking at the initial areas couples need to consider at the very start of planning a Destination Wedding. Ibiza landscape Upon our visit to Ibiza we wrote our second blog post which gave advice to couples in choosing the right venue and the additional considerations that need to be made in the continuation of planning long distance once you’ve returned home. The trip to Ibiza was fabulous; we had the chance to view five stunning venues, each with their own character, advantages and offerings. Couples are spoilt for choice in this beautiful destination, but the chosen venue was Experimental Beach; a gorgeous restaurant located amidst stunning panoramic scenery, right on its own private beach. This secluded venue was the perfect location for an intimate occasion for guests of all ages, and it was also ECC Beach’s excellent and consistent customer service which helped place it in top position where trust was concerned in moving forward with the planning of the destination wedding in Ibiza.

The official wedding ceremony was conducted in the UK on Valentine’s Day, as unless you are resident in Ibiza or of Spanish nationality, an official wedding simply isn’t possible. The UK wedding ceremony had allowed the couple to ensure their grandparents, one of whom was unable to travel to Ibiza, could share in the special moments of their official ceremony. If there’s one major factor I have learnt from my time spent looking at Destination Weddings over the past year, it is to recommend to couples that they try to ensure a way of including friends and family members in the day if they cannot physically be there. Disney Bride Becky who is interviewed in our most recent Destination Wedding post has incorporated a couple of fabulous options into her big day – read here for inspiration. As the year rolled by and 11 further months of planning and preparations occurred, the day of the wedding resulted in a stunning, fabulously warm and perfectly picturesque day. Bride and Groom Lauren and Phil wanted a laid back wedding day involving their closest friends and family members, many of whom had a special role. As the official ceremony had already taken place, the couple were free to use their own imaginations to create the celebration they wanted. Whilst many couples opt to use a Celebrant or Officiant to conduct a ceremony of sorts, Phil and Lauren had their wedding party undertake this. Bridesmaids and ushers danced down the aisle to Jess Glynne’s ‘Hold My Hand’, the Father of the Bride welcomed everyone, the Best Man officiated the ceremony, the Father of the Groom read a piece about when the couple got together, the Maid of Honour created a reading about love and togetherness, and one of the Bridesmaids created a poem for the couple about soul mates. Later the Groom’s Mother read Grace before the wedding breakfast, and the Groom’s brother played flamenco guitar for a little Spanish-themed entertainment.

This method of creating a ceremony could not have been more meaningful or personal, and resulted in a beautiful atmosphere of happiness, emotion and true excitement. Experimental Beach did not disappoint. From their excellent and reliable assistance in the planning and coordination of the day, to the utterly fabulous food and drink served; everything was top notch.

The sun shone down strongly on that beautiful day, the sea was calm and the sun glistened off the ocean waves. It was utterly magical, and so much fun.

For any other destination wedding enquiries, questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’d love to help you plan or give advice for your long distance big day.

With thanks to Aneta Oultram for the fabulous images she captured of this destination wedding in Ibiza.DSC_0483