Destination Weddings: The Disney Bride

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Destination Weddings: The Disney Bride

Following on from the start of our series on planning a destination wedding, today we are bringing you the experiences of a Bride planning a wedding abroad. But this is no ordinary wedding; Rebecca tells us all about organising her dream wedding in Disneyworld, Florida and what it is like becoming a Disney Bride.

Rebecca and her fiancé Craig have been together for 4 years, meeting through mutual friends, with a relationship blossoming after meeting each other properly at a friend’s BBQ party. Rebecca tells us about Craig’s wonderful surprise proposal which was shared with their closest family and friends;

“Craig told me that we were going to meet some of his work friends for dinner at our favourite restaurant. I’d just finished a stressful day at work and had to get changed quickly when I got home! When we got to the restaurant, we went round the back by the river and there were other people sat down having drinks. Craig told me that we were waiting for his friends to arrive, when he suddenly got down on one knee! Of course I just started crying and then I heard my sister and his brother’s voices; my family and his were both there to celebrate with us! It was so beautiful!”

The engagement

The engagement

What is it about Disney you love so much? How long have you been a fan?

“What isn’t there to love? The classic films were amazing; Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty – so romantic with princes saving princesses. The new stuff is also romantic but also since Pixar came in, the humour in Disney is amazing! So, so funny. I’ve been a fan since I can remember and I’ll love it forever – it’s not just for kids”.

 Was it always going to be a Disney wedding? How did you come to make the decision?

“We had talked about several things we might like to do for our wedding, one of my ideas was having it in a stately home, but I knew this would be way too expensive. Craig had always wanted to get married abroad though. My Auntie actually pitched the idea to us! Then we just looked at each other and were like “YES!!” Totally us!”

The Disney Bride as Snow White!

The Disney Bride as Snow White!

Is Craig as big a Disney fan as you? Did he share your dream of a Disney wedding?

“Yes he is also a big, big fan of Disney and when we starting researching about it all he was just as excited as I was!”

How do your friends and family feel about attending a Disney wedding?

“They can’t wait! Both of our parents are happy we are doing it abroad as it also means we get to have a holiday all together as well so it’s really nice”. 

In comparison with some of the other destinations we have discussed in our Destination Weddings series, it is relatively easy to be married in Florida and it is not necessary to be resident within the State or be staying in the area for a minimum period. It is necessary to obtain a licence for marriage, and more information on this can be located here. Rebecca tells us about her experiences working alongside Disney to plan her long distance big day:

How did you go about starting to plan the wedding? Did you visit Disney to find out more?

“We got onto their wedding website and started asking questions all about it, then a lady from Disney contacted us and it just went from there. They are really helpful and called us if we wanted to chat about anything. We had our planning session in September last year in Florida, we went over there and we saw where we go to get married and had our food tasting. We also went through what would be happening in the day, down to the finest detail”.

Scrumptious cake tasting at Disney

Scrumptious cake tasting at Disney

Are you confident Disney have it all in hand being long distance? Do you have a good contact there who keeps you up to date?

“Disney employees are incredible! We were assigned a wedding planner and she is great, keeps us up to date with everything and is very quick with getting back to us with answers to questions we might have. They are renowned for their amazing wedding planning and I am very confident the day will run like clockwork!”

There must be some exciting treats and surprises along the way for couples that book a Disney wedding, can you let us know any?

“If you get married at Disney you receive annual passes to any of the Disney parks which is fab! I’m friends on Facebook with another Disney Bride and they said you receive other gifts from them leading up to the wedding so we will see!”

Does Disney supply you with recommended suppliers for your cake, flowers, photography, etc?

“They provide you with a list of officiants and recommended Hair and Make-Up artists. We have booked our Videographers outside of Disney because we heard great things about them. Everything else Disney are sorting out for us!”

The Pavilion at Disney

The Pavilion at Disney

Are you finding it difficult to plan a destination wedding?

“It’s an absolute breeze working with Disney! No stress at all and they are so, so helpful. They do a LOT of UK weddings so they are very used to planning from afar”.

Apart from the wedding actually being at Disney, do you plan to incorporate other Disney elements into the day; a carriage, Mickey Mouse making an appearance?!

“We have gone for a Cinderella theme so we have Cinderella favours on the tables and we have the Cinderella carriage! We also have the words “And They Lived Happily Ever After” on the end of the runner in the pavilion”.

Cinderella's carriage awaits!

Cinderella’s carriage awaits!


What are you most looking forward to on your big day and in becoming a Disney Bride?

“Lots of things! Seeing Craig’s face when he first sees me. Getting to ride in the carriage with my Dad and having him walk me down the aisle. Also, I can’t wait for our Dessert Party in Epcot at the end of the day with fireworks!”

If you had to pick any Disney princess, which one would you be?

“Even though I love Belle, it would have to be Cinderella. Her dreams all came true!”

We’ll be catching up with Rebecca again a little nearer the date of her wedding in June to find out more about how her last stage plans are coming along, and about how she’s feeling in the run up to becoming a Disney Bride. See the next instalment here.

Are you planning a destination wedding or something that’s a little unusual? Perhaps you’ve attended or had your own Disney wedding before? We’d love to hear more, tell us below!

The happy couple at Disney

The happy couple at Disney