What Do They Do? The Tasks In The Life Of A Wedding Supplier

By 16th September 2014Blog, Wedding Planning, Wedding Suppliers
What Do They Do? The Tasks In The Life Of A Wedding Supplier

The budget. One of the most serious, time consuming and important tasks of your wedding planning. Agreeing a total spend is one thing, sticking to it is another, and deciding just how much you’re willing to place on each area can be somewhat of a minefield.

The cost of putting a wedding together can be a real eye-opener to couples, many of whom have never organised such a large and detailed event before, or required the services of such creative geniuses as florists and cake makers.

Couples are regularly, and rather unhelpfully told that they can expect to pay more for the services of a supplier simply because it is a wedding booking in comparison to another special occasion. Whilst this might be true, there are usually valid reasons behind the prices charged for weddings by individual suppliers, but this coupled with little information or understanding as to exactly what your money is paying for can make things confusing.

It is not simply the price of flowers, the cost of an album full of photographs or the money that buys the ingredients of a cake that bring these all important elements to your wedding, and it is through this blog series that I hope to give you an insight into the everyday business life of a wedding supplier; exactly what goes on in the background before, during and after your wedding that impacts greatly on the price they charge and exactly what you receive for that sum of money.

I have interviewed a group of wedding suppliers that I know to provide a reliable, trustworthy and excellent service, who have provided me with honest accounts of the time, efforts and expense that go into running their individual businesses in order to provide such a high quality offering to Brides and Grooms. I feel it is increasingly important for couples to know what to expect for the money they pay for a wedding service, and to be able to justify the price charged. My hope is that in sharing this information, couples will feel better informed and have more realistic expectations from the suppliers chosen for their wedding. I hope this insight will also go some way to ensure that couples can choose their suppliers effectively, and avoid those that charge a high price but deliver a less than satisfactory service.

Our first post in this series will begin tomorrow, where you can find out all about the all-important area of Wedding Photography.

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