Part Two: A Guide to Destination Weddings – Choosing Your Venue

Part Two: A Guide to Destination Weddings – Choosing Your Venue

In the hope you’ve read Part 1 of our guide to destination weddings, you may now be in a position whereby you’ve made a decision on a country or city in which to hold your marriage or celebration, and are ready to seek out the perfect venue.

On our recent trip to Ibiza in search for the right place to host our Bride’s wedding next year, we took heed of the many considerations you’ll need to factor into a similar trip, and have collated below an overview:

Before You Go

During your search for venues, be these via a tour operator, an online search or other, take note of the responses you receive; how detailed they are and how quickly you receive them. This will aid in your opinion of ultimately how reliable your main contact will be in continuing communication and the detail of their responses. Whilst you may not see this as a major issue now, it will become very important when you’re in the thick of your planning and require speedy answers to your important questions.


Experimental Beach, Ibiza

Plan ahead. Contact all your venues, arrange a day, time and person to meet, have your questions ready and do your best to pre-plan your routes to each venue to allow plenty of time for finding it!


Whilst You Are There

Try to have in the back of your mind a consideration for your ‘guest experience’ throughout your time travelling and visiting your chosen destination. If a destination wedding is a fairly new phenomenon to your friends and family members, considering their comfort and ease during your journey will go far when creating the experiences they’ll have attending your big day. Possible considerations are length of flight, ease of access and onward journey when the destination has been reached, potential language barriers and the proximity of the airport to your chosen venue and/or accommodation providers.

Whilst in Ibiza, aside the specific questions we’d compiled for each venue, there were also a number of considerations that were important to think about and request further information on whilst there. These included:

– Being aware of seasons and changes in pricing affecting the budget. Moving your preferred date by just a week or two could have a significant impact on the price you are quoted depending on whether it falls in low, mid or high season for your destination

– Consider the weather. If possible try visiting a year in advance so you can get the best idea on how the weather is and any additional provisions or contingencies you might need to think about

– Take lots of photos. After a full day of venue searching your memory of each can somewhat merge into one!

– Have a list of questions (either specific to venue or just general) and ensure you ask these and write down the answers whilst you visit. You’ll be pleased to have these notes to look back on later for the same reason as the point above!

– What is your impression of the Venue Coordinator? Are they helpful from the early stages? Did they meet you on time? Did they provide adequate information and appear knowledgeable on the venue and the hosting of weddings? Were they reliable/trustworthy? Did you feel your wedding was important to them and that they valued your business?

Ask the Coordinator when their busy season begins and when you can generally expect them to return answers to your questions when you are within the process of planning your wedding. Busy seasons will mean current weddings take priority and it may take some time to receive responses, but you shouldn’t be ignored and need to be assured you’ll receive a response within a certain amount of time.

– Consider the proximity of each venue to the airport and accommodation. Factor this into your overall logistics and guest experience and how these will fit together to create the schedules the day before, day of, and day after your wedding.


Cotton Beach Club, Ibiza

Whilst these considerations are a general overview of what you might need to think about in the planning of your destination wedding, they are by no means the only factors, so when you make your visit just ask away! You can never ask too many questions and you will be thankful for the information you come away with to help you make the most informed decision possible about your chosen venue. Why not take a copy of this guide to destination weddings with you to ensure you have all the questions to hand?

If you are worried about the detail and organisation that goes into such a trip, please contact us. We have a decade of experience working on international events on 5 different continents, as well as excellent links with suppliers all over the world. We’d love to assist you in the planning of your destination wedding, so please do get in touch to arrange a complimentary consultation to find out how we can help. Read on for Part 3 and the accumulation of our journey for this fabulous Ibiza wedding!


Amante Beach Club, Ibiza