Wedding Planning Tool, Churches in 360

Wedding Planning Tool, Churches in 360

In the midst of your wedding planning it can be a regular frustration to find yourself trying to remember the layout of your venue, particularly when considering such details as space available to fit your guests and decor options. After visiting a plethora of venues in your early planning stages and considering a variety of different styles and set ups, some venues simply merge into one in your mind and it can be very difficult to envisage the one you have chosen in the detail you require!
Similarly, whilst considering your choice of venue you might wish to show it to friends and family members that cannot pay a visit, or of course, to your Wedding Planner for their input!

Well, there might just be a solution ahead. I recently discovered Churches in 360, a fantastic tool that allows couples to take a 360 online tour of their chosen church, providing you with fabulous imagery of the building’s interior design and layout. Whilst you view your chosen church the website gives you the option of pausing the panorama at any point, choosing to view the church starting from the front or from the back, and also has an excellent option to share the view via Facebook, Twitter, Googlemail or email.

Oxon Churches in 360

The website has been created by Nikhilesh Haval, an Architectural Photographer based in Oxfordshire and it’s creation has been a real labour of love with 61 churches featured so far out of the 400 present within the county. Nikhilesh will continue to update the website with further churches and also plans to include more detailed information on each church including an exterior photograph.

With the Churches in 360 website you can now imagine how long it might take you to walk down the length of the aisle and time your entrance to perfection. You can count the pews to see how many floral pew ends you might need. You can spot areas that can be spruced up and decorated with your floral pedestals and wreaths. You can even consider a seating plan; the opportunities are endless and this tool can assist you greatly in the detailed planning of your wedding ceremony without having to make time to pay a visit.

I absolutely love this website and the detail that has gone into its creation. I’ll certainly be using it and would love to know if you find it a useful tool in the planning of your ceremony!

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